Here you will find the scenic art portfolio of Anthony Siarkiewicz

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Film Crew

Working in a team environment under incredible deadline with unbelievable expectations and challenges is normal for a film crew scenic artist. Yes, it’s awesome. Here are a few shots from films I worked on.

Motion Picture Production: Rock of Ages, The Truman Show, Speed II, Great Expectations, Die Trying: Kick Boxer IV, Getting Up and Going Home, Cool as Ice, Intimate Strangers, Doing Time: Women in Prison, What’s happening to Walter, The Haunting of Morella, The Rachel Papers, Street Dancing, Incident at Channel Q
Television Production: Animal Jam, QVC Tokyo, Rosie O’ Donnel Live from Universal Studios Florida, Nickelodeon’s Games and Sports, The Kaptain Kangaroo Show, Second Noah, The 1994 Super Bowl Half time show, Quest for the Dragon Star, Sing Me a Story, American Health Network 95&99, Florida Lottery Flamingo Fortune, Weekly World News, Step Reebok Aerobics, In Living Color, Beverly Hills 90210, American Gladiators pilot, Miami Vice Pilot, Noah knows Best
Television Commercials / Music Videos: Nike, Super 8 Motels, Reebok, Enterprise Rental Car, Ford Trucks, Chevy S-10, Chevy Suburban, Nytol, Galoob, Crest, Slick 50, Little Caesar’s, Mr. Clean,  Kellogg’s Cereal, Kentucky Fried Chicken, J.C. Penny, MTV, Milk, Steve Windwood, Saigon Kick, Back Street Boys