Here you will find the scenic art portfolio of Anthony Siarkiewicz

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Working as a freelance scenic artist and set designer in New York, California and Florida I have been fortunate enough to do work for many amazing companies. In 1999, I acquired my own shop in Winter Park, Florida and worked out of there until 2015. Now permanently living in Frankfurt, Germany I return to the states for special commissions. Here are a few photos from jobs I have realized as a producer and for other companies – Anthony Siarkiewicz

The film below shows some of the projects from Cinnabar Fl, Clegg & Son and Nickelodeon. There so many more and so many people that deserve credit on all these jobs. My role in these photos was as Lead Scenic Artist.

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Others include:

Twentieth Century Fox Universal Studios CA & FL New Line Films
MTV Productions Disney World CA & FL Propaganda Productions
Paramount Pictures Sea World Columbia Records
Nickelodeon Studios Fox Broadcasting Cinnabar
Columbia Pictures Channel 4 - UK Yellow Submarine
QVC - Tokyo Zenith Productions -  UK The Nassal Company
New Horizons Films Lexington Scenery Dream Works

Motion Picture Production: Rock of Ages, The Truman Show, Speed II, Great Expectations, Die Trying: Kick Boxer IV, Getting Up and Going Home, Cool as Ice, Intimate Strangers, Doing Time: Women in Prison, What’s happening to Walter, The Haunting of Morella, The Rachel Papers, Street Dancing, Incident at Channel Q

Television Production: Animal Jam, QVC Tokyo, Rosie O’ Donnel Live from Universal Studios Florida, Nickelodeon’s Games and Sports, The Kaptain Kangaroo Show, Second Noah, The 1994 Super Bowl Half time show, Quest for the Dragon Star, Sing Me a Story, American Health Network 95&99, Florida Lottery Flamingo Fortune, Weekly World News, Step Reebok Aerobics, In Living Color, Beverly Hills 90210, American Gladiators pilot, Miami Vice Pilot, Noah knows Best

Television Commercials / Music Videos: Nike, Super 8 Motels, Reebok, Enterprise Rental Car, Ford Trucks, Chevy S-10, Chevy Suburban, Nytol, Galoob, Crest, Slick 50, Little Caesar’s, Mr. Clean,  Kellogg’s Cereal, Kentucky Fried Chicken, J.C. Penny, MTV, Milk, Steve Windwood, Saigon Kick, Back Street Boys

Theme Attractions / Events: Halloween Horror Nights 2001, Junkanoo Jive’in, Houdini’s Mad House, Dr. Seuss, Woody Wood Peckers Kid Zone, Jurassic Park, Rock’n Roller Coaster, Twister the Experience, Mayan Mind Bender, The Dungeon Drop, Totally Nickelodeon, You Pick Nick, Toy Story, IBM Innovations, Daytona Nascar Museum, Freeze frame Photo Kiosks, Sphinx Statues for Hard Rock Café, Professor Tinkerton’s Silver Dollar City, Apollo 13, Casper, Flintstones, Batman the Ride, Batman the Escape, Barbie’s World tour, Disney World tour, Toy Story 2008 CA & FL, The Simpsons